10 Reasons to Shop Pre-Owned and Authentic Designer Handbags

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More people than ever are choosing to purchase pre-owned designer handbags. That’s why we wanted to discuss some benefits and reasons why so many people choose to buy pre-owned designer handbags over new pieces and why consumers are choosing authentic designer handbags over buying into fast fashion.

Reasons for Purchasing Pre-Owned Designer Handbags:

1. Pre-Owned Luxury Items Are Affordable

A designer handbag doesn’t need to break the bank or force you to dip into your holiday fund. Also, why buy one designer handbag when you could buy two for the same amount?

At Luxity, we make sure that all our pre-owned designer handbags are authentic, in great condition and can be purchased at way less than the original retail price!

Purchase Pre-Owned Designer Handbags


2. Renew Your Wardrobe More Often

With everything becoming so fast-paced, designers are now having up to 6 fashion shows per year to keep up with the latest trends.

Selling your current designer handbags and purchasing more on-trend bags in your style is a great way to switch up your style!

 Renew Your Designer Wardrobe


3. Find it Easier to Stay on Trend

Despite popular belief, pre-owned shopping does not only provide you access to trends of previous seasons.

As the pre-owned designer market grows, you can now find more and more offerings from the current season at pre-owned sites. Follow (@shopluxity) on Instagram to get a first look at new designer items coming in!


Stay on Trend with Designer Handbags 

4. Get Access to Limited Edition Accessories

Having access to your favourite handbags from previous seasons is a massive benefit of the second-hand market.

Your go-to designer may have stopped manufacturing the bag you’ve been wearing day in and out, but there’s a high chance of you finding it at a pre-owned designer retailer!


Buy Limited Edition Chanel as Pre-Owned


5. Get Access to “Celebrity” Status Handbags

Everyone (well, anyone remotely interested in designer handbags anyway) knows how nearly impossible it is to get your hands on a Hermes Birkin or Kelly. Especially if you haven’t been on a list for years OR if you’re not a Kardashian.

The ideal way to skip the waiting list is to opt for pre-owned!

Kardashian with Hermes Birkin


Why Does Authenticity Matter:

6. Choose Quality Over Quantity

You may think that you’re saving money by purchasing a cheaper replica handbag. What you may not realise though is that bags made out of inexpensive materials need to be replaced every year or even every few months.

A well-crafted designer handbag (that is properly looked after) can last you a lifetime (or at least for many years to come).


7. It’s Easier to Repair Authentic Designer Handbags 

Life happens and sometimes the things dearest to us (our handbags) get caught in avoidable situations where damage can happen (tears, broken zips etc.).

Original designer handbags can often easily be fixed by a good cobbler or be sent back to the original designer and are worth the investment!

Repairing Louis Vuitton Handbag 

8. Consider the Re-Sale Value of Your Purchase

One of the greatest benefits of acquiring an authentic designer handbag is that your purchase can quickly turn into an investment.

Not only are you spending money on an item that will stay in good condition for years to come, but it’ll also most likely retain a significant portion of its original value as a resale item!
Consider the Resale Value of Your Designer Handbag


9. Think About the Appearance of Your Bag 

Most replica bags look cheap, which they are – of course – considering they’re generally made using low-quality leather.

Stitching and construction are often poor, and the colours and dyes can be uneven. Authentic designers take real pride in their craft – replica creators don’t.


The Making of a Designer Handbag

10. Selling and Purchasing Counterfeit Items Can Be a Legal Issue 

Selling counterfeit designer handbags is illegal. Fake handbags infringe upon trademarks and copyright of the brand and designer.

By choosing to purchase a replica bag, you are supporting these unlawful activities.

Planning on going to Europe on holidays? Then better leave your counterfeits behind as customs officials are increasingly clamping down on fake designer items by confiscating and destroying them – and potentially even fining you!

Selling Fake Designer Handbag is Illegal

At Luxity, we pride ourselves on providing clients access to pre-owned and authentic designer items from coveted brands across the world! View our product offering today.